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Shipping to oyther countries than The Netherlands and Belgium
Shipping to oyther countries than The Netherlands and Belgium

This page is expressly written in English as it is the so-called "landing page" for other nations in Europe and we would like to welcome you to our Carburettor Parts Shop.

As you will notice, most of this site is written in Dutch as The Netherlands is where we are based.

To enhance your shopping experience, we have added the Google Translate feature to our website which will, as good and as bad as it gets, translate the content of each individual page for you.

You will find the drop box at the top of each page and this is what it looks like:

Simply click on the drop-box, select your language and off you go!

As you might notice, we have limited the languages to those commonly used with the European Tax Union as our prices are in Euros and include the Value-Added-Tax by law.

Are you from outside the European Tax Union?
Then you are better off using our "Dollar site", www.carburettorshop.com/.

Are you still here? Then you must be from with the European Union... :-)

To keep things simple, we'll split this explanation up in two sections... Tax & shipping...

As entioned above, we are in the European Union so our prices include the VAT (Value-Added-Tax) by law.
Are you a registered company within the European Union and do you have a valid VAT number AND do you wish to purchase our goods "VAT free" using your VAT number etc AND adhering to the corresponding rules that the law demands from us?
Then you can indicate this at the check-out and after a brief check, you can purchase VAT-free.
At the checkout, please tick the box with "ik kom in aanmerking voor belastingvrijwaring" and fill in your VAT number.
It looks like this:
BTW Vrijwaring
(Google Translate MIGHT not translate that page for you)

A more elaborate explanation on how to get the VAT deducted can be found HERE.

The other section is shipping cost.
Also this we tried to keep it as simple and as efficient as possible.

We offer two shipping modes:

Standard shipping.
This includes our careful packaging and the fastest transport that is offered by our mutual Postal Services.
It does NOT include Track& Trace and you are NOT insured against damage or loss.

Registered shipping.
This is the same as above but DOES include a Track&Trace code which allows you to follow the progress of your shipment online and it DOES cover you against the risk of damage and loss.

We can offer your the followings rate to the following destinations:




Belgium                       9,95                     14,50
Bulgaria                     14,00                     25,00
Cyprus                     14,00                     20,00
Danmark                     11,00                     17,00
Germany                                            9,95
Estland                     14,00                     25,00
Finland                     14,00                     21,00
France                     11,00                     16,00
Greece                     14,00                     25,00
Great Britain                     14,00                     17,50
Hungary                     14,00                     23,00
Ireland                     14,00                     21,00
Italy                     11,00                     17,00
Croatia                     14,00                     20,00
Letland                     14,00                     25,00
Lithuania                     14,00                     25,00
Luxemburg                     11,00                     14,50
Malta                     14,00                     26,00
Monaco                     11,00                     20,00
Austria                     11,00                     17,00
Poland                     14,00                     23,00
Portugal                     14,00                     20,00
Roumania                     14,00                     25,00
Slovenia                     14,00                     23,00
Slowak Republic                     14,00                     23,00
Spain                     11,00                     20,00
Czech Republic                     14,00                     23,00
Sweden                     11,00                     20,00

Please choose your shipping mode wisely as once shipped, it can not be changed anymore.

Do you have any questions? Then please feel free to contact us.

Our Contact Page can be found HERE.

On behalf of the whole team and with our best regards,

Shipping to other countries than The Netherlands and Belgium